Help Guide For Submitting Words

1. From the Home page, type in your word and click Submit.

Only single words with no spaces (submitting phrases will be introduced in Beta).

English Only (more languages will be added in future versions.

2. If your word is not yet in the database, a new field will appear for you to enter the definition (20 character minimum) and click Next.

If the word you enter is already in the database, you will simply see the definition appear below OR a notice that the word is already held in queue.

3. You have the creative option to write an example of your new word in a sentence. Enter your sentence and click Next, or Skip.

Your sentence will appear on your word page when posted by the next available word miner.

4. The last important step is to provide your Bitshares username. This is your personal blockchain ID and where you will receive your $SLANG token.

Your Bitshares username is also your personal wallet address, they are one in the same.

The word submission process is not complete until you enter your valid Bitshares username.

Here's a simple guide to help you setup your Bitshares wallet in less than 60 seconds > Let's Do This

Claiming Words

If you encounter a word in the dictionary where you have proof that you created the word earlier than the Date Of Origin shown, you can claim the word as your own. Join the Ewoth Discord Forum to submit all claims.