EWOTH is an acronym for "excellent words of tremendous honor". Ewoth (ewoth.org) will simply be known as The Blockchain Dictionary, an immutable living dictionary powered by a variation of the Graphene Open Source blockchain (Bitshares, Steemit, EOS).

The website you see now is a minimalist Alpha shell that allows humans to start submitting original words and receiving $SLANG - the reward token issued on the Bitshares DEX that acts as a blockchain identifier and proof of word creation. Protocol automation and further integration with Graphene will occur in the Beta release scheduled by Q3 2018.

Submitted words will initially be held in queue. Word Miners (crowd-sourced lexicographers) will follow a manual protocol in Alpha to cross-check, fix grammar, and click to publish. $SLANG will also be rewarded to word miners.

The main Ewoth tenets include credit to word creators, focus on original words, historical reference, ability to claim past words, and usage partners. You can read more about the Ewoth history and roadmap HERE.

When you're ready to start submitting words, take a quick look at our Help Guide.